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    Surprisingly, I did not read as much as many of my author friends growing up. I spent endless hours outside playing sports and games with my sister and the neighborhood kids. 

   I did love library days in elementary school. The idea of getting to borrow a book was the best! Picking out a book back then included liking the cover and then smelling the pages. If I didn't like how the book smelled, I put it back. Most books, then and now, pass my nose test! 

    While reading as a child, I discovered that books could make me laugh, cry, and inspire me. I hope that the picture books and middle grade novels I write will make readers laugh and inspire them - and maybe cry occasionally, but in a good way. 

     I also aspire to help other creators on their publishing journeys as the director of the SCBWI Whispering Pines Writers’ Retreats, as the Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI-NE, and as a member of The Writers’ Loft.
     Writers and illustrators are awesome!


Things about me:

  • I love to watch and play ice hockey 

  • My sister and I are nine months apart

  • I played four sports in high school and three sports    in college

  • I love the ocean

  • My friend from 5th grade and I built our houses next door to each other.

  • I'm SO grateful to be represented by my amazing agent Brent Taylor of TriadaUS Literary Agency


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